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Hold            :  High Hold

Effect          :  High Shine

Offer           :  Ideal for medium to long length of hair

Hair Type   :  Hair of any length 


Fiber Gel has a strong scent characterized by masculine elegance, designed with an authenticity that goes beyond fashion.

Top Notes    -    Orange Blossom, Citruses

Mid Notes     -   Rosemary, Nutmeg, Coriander

Base Notes   -   Litchi, Tonka Bean, Teak Wood

 How to Use

Apply to damp or dry hair for texture and hold.

 Apply a small amount of product into the palm of your hand and spread it in equal amounts to both hands.

Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then work making sure the spread product evenly throughout your hair until you get the relaxed, textured hairstyle desired.